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P. R. Ray

Born on Dec 21, 1947, P R RAY , did his Masters, in Social Science & thereafter obtained Masters Degree in Business Management with specialisation in Marketing.
The professional career of P R RAY extends for over 47 years, almost entirely connected with the paper industry. For 22years he has worked in the paper industry, having been, initially, trained in all aspects of paper production, in major paper mills & finally, being the Head of the Marketing, in a leading paper producing unit in India. Since 1993, P R RAY has been in the paper industry related businesses, selling Waste Paper, Pulp, Finished Paper & Paper Board, on behalf of major suppliers from the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East & major Indian Paper Mills.
In addition, P R RAY runs a paper converting unit, based on a technology transferred from the US.
In last 4/5 years  P R RAY has delivered lectures on Recovered Fibre, in the US, UK,Europe & China. In May 2015 RISI published an article from RAY, on the prevailing status of the Indian paper industry.
Much travelled person, RAY regularly writes on social issues in his vernacular language.


Indian Paper Industry & The Role of Recovered Paper (RP)

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 14:30

Present Status of the Paper Industry in India – Installed capacity, production & consumption.  
Future Projection of Production 
The Present Status of Raw Material Usage – Virgin, Agro and RCF 
On raw product basis & final product basis. 
-      Present status of RCF  Sourcing 
            - Indegenous 
            - Import 
-      Future Projection of RCF requirement 
           - Indegeno 
           - Import 
-       The GAP in RCF Sourcing & scope for filling the GAP  
-       Potential for growth in the Indegenous sourcing 
-       RCF in production of Container Boards(CB) in India 
-       Growth Projections for RCF use  in CB  
-      The present Status of CB market in India  
-       The impact of CB market growth on RCF Sourcing in India 
-        Conclusion.