William P. Moore

Moore & Associates

Mr. Moore is president of Moore & Associates, an international consulting firm engaged in providing a range of market research and strategic services to the global paper recycling industry.

Prior to his many years as a consultant, he held a series of positions in the solid waste, paper and recycling industries.  These included founder and vice president of Paper Recycling International and the first director of recycling for Waste Management, Inc.

Mr. Moore's knowledge base includes all aspects of the worldwide supply and demand of recovered paper.


Trends in North American and Europe Paper Recycling

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 10:55

The large recovered paper supply collected in the North America has been changing significantly over the last decade and these trends will continue. These changes are due to the way recovered paper is collected & processed/sorted as well is the use of paper and board. The presentation will cover the evolution of the collection systems (both residential and commercial/industrial/institutional) over time and the forward looking trends to expect. The use of paper on the continent is also changing, particularly in the graphic sector and also packaging grades being affected by rising e-commerce purchases.  The presentation will detail how changing habits in the use of paper and board in the countries will impact what can be recovered for use as recycled fiber. The presentation will conclude with details the trends in the North American and European domestic mill demand for recovered paper.